Barcelona 3-0 Bayern Munich – UWCL: Player ratings like Barca secure Camp Nou victory

Barcelona continued their perfect start to the Champions League group stage with a hard-fought 3-0 victory over Bayern Munich at the Camp Nou on Thursday night.

The hosts turned in a fluid team performance but had to work for their win after being held down by a robust Bayern side in the first 45.

Second-half goals from Geyse, Aitana Bonmati and Claudia Pina eventually broke Bayern’s decision to leave Barcelona in a prime position to qualify for the knockout stage.

Barcelona exploded, with a last-ditch tackle from Georgia Stanway and a fine save from Maria Grohs needed to keep Bonmati and then Geyse out of the opening.

Barca have made a habit of completely blowing teams off their feet in this season’s competition, scoring 13 goals in their first two group stage games, and it looked like making one would open the floodgates. Despite their early pressure, they were largely frustrated by a defensively disciplined Bayern in the first half.

Bonmati fired a whisker over from the edge of the box and pulled off a great one-handed save from Grohs as the opening 45 ended goalless.

Bayern did so well to keep Barca at bay in the first half, conceding just two minutes after the break. Fridolina Rolfo provided the cross and Ana-Maria Crnogorčević intelligently nodded the ball over the goal, so that Geyse could go home.

Rolfo was again instrumental as the hosts doubled their lead 12 minutes later, picking off Bonmati with a drop, and the Barcelona midfielder effortlessly found the bottom corner with a first-time pointed finish.

Adding a luscious third just after the hour mark, Pina fired an effort into the top corner from the edge of the area as Barcelona eventually cruised to a deserved win.

GK: Sandra Panos – 6/10 – Didn’t have much to do as Barcelona dominated for the most part.

RB: Lucy Bronze (83′ ahead of Torrejon) – 7/10 – She didn’t put a foot wrong defensively and propelled Barca forward with her directness.

CB: Mapi Leon – 6/10 – Corners were a bit disappointing at first, but put in a solid performance and allowed Barca to build well from the back.

CB: Irene Paredes – 6/10 – He didn’t have much to do defensively. Efficiently owned.

LB: Fridolina Rolfö – 9/10 – Made the crucial deliveries for Barcelona’s first and second goals with a cross and clever cut. The left flank was a constant threat to Barca.

CM: Keira Walsh (77′ for Engen) – 8/10 – Born to play for Barcelona. Relentlessly efficient in possession, outrageous in tight spaces.

CM: Aitana Bonmati (83′ to Vilamala) – 9/10 – Absolutely anywhere with a smart, intricate movement. Superb on the ball to keep Barcelona going, her well-taken goal made it look easy.

CM: Patri Guijarro – 7/10 – Mostly hidden in the first half, but produced the superb pass to break the lines and send Rolfo off for Barcelona’s second goal

RW: Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic – 7/10 – Passed a golden opportunity in the first half. Cleverly headed over the target to the unmarked Geyse for Barca’s opener.

FW: Geyse (69′ for Oshoala) – 8/10 – Had a big chance in the opening exchanges, but was denied by Grohs. Opened the scoring with a header and selected Pina for Barca’s third

LF: Clàudia Pina (69′ for Paralluelo) – 8/10 – Added a third for Barcelona with a stunning individual goal, finding the top corner with a grating effort from range.

SUB: Salma Paralluelo (69′ for Pina) – 6/10

SUB: Asisat Oshoala (69′ for Geyse) – 6/10

SUB: Ingrid Engen (77′ for Walsh) – 6/10

SUB: Marta Torrejón (83′ for bronze) – 6/10

SUB: Bruna Vilamala (83′ for Bonmati) – 6/10

GK: Maria Grohs – 6/10 – Produced a great save early on to negate Geyse and a fantastic stop to keep Bonmati out. Hit her near post before Barca’s second.

RB: Maximiliane Rall (90′ before Bragstad)– 4/10 – Struggled to compete with the lively Rolfo, with Barcelona’s first two goals coming from Bayern’s right.

CB: Tainara – 6/10 – Stuck defensively in the first half but questioned the Bayern mark for the first goal, with Barcelona allowing two free headers into the Bayern box.

CB: Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir – 5/10 – A resilient performance in the first half, but lost Geyse for Barcelona’s first goal and gave Pina way too much space for Barca’s third goal.

LB: Carolin Simon – 6/10 – Put in a huge defensive shift and had a real fight with Crnogorčević.

CM: Lina Magull (74′ for Kumagai) – 6/10 – Ran her heart out and helped frustrate Barca in the first, but ultimately couldn’t deal with Barca’s dynamic trio in midfield.

CM: Georgia Stanway – 7/10 – Made a great last-ditch tackle to keep Bonmati out early in the first half, and helped Bayern out of the Barca press very well on a number of occasions – a probing cross-field pass in the first half was a real highlight.

CM: Sarah Zadrazil – 7/10 – Patri did such a good job defensively, especially in the first half, helping Bayern to hard-haze, pressure and frustrate Barca.

RW: Franziska Kett (60′ for Lohmann) – 5/10 – Got her first Champions League start at just 18 years old, but largely failed to make a big impact on the game. Doesn’t offer much protection to stop the marauding Rolfo.

ST: Lea Schuller (74′ ahead of Laurent) – 5/10 – Largely left to feed on leftovers as Bayern spent large periods of the game soaking up pressure.

LW: Klara Buhl – 5/10 – Hit the side net in the first 10 minutes, but otherwise unable to leave any lasting attacking effect on the match.

SUB: Sydney Lohmann (60′ for Kett) – 5/10

SUB: Saki Kumagai (74′ for Magull) – 5/10

SUB: Emelyne Laurent (74′ for Schuller) – 5/10

SUB: Emilie Bragstad (90′ for Rall) N/A

Player of the match: Aitana Bonmati (Barcelona)

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