History of Football that every football player must know

History of football

Football can be divided into two words “Foot” and “Ball” which means a “ball game” that is played using foot among two opponents (teams) in a 90m*120m rectangular field or ground. Players have to follow many rules and regulation while playing the game. For instance, there must be only eleven player in each team, ten must be forwarding the ball to score in opponent team goal post and one saves ball entering own goal post. There are many several rules which are monitored by referees. Today, football game/(Soccer game) has become a well-known game around the globe. The game you know today was not like the way it is right now. To reach up to the stage it has to gone through many revolution, transformation, and transition. However, we will be talking about the revolution of the football game, or “History of Football Game”.

During 3rd and 2nd century (300-200) BC, ball game involving kicking the ball, took place in China. The game was named “Cuju” pronounced as “tsu-chu”. In the game, soldiers kicked a round ball filled with featherthrough a net in a square ground. Later, Japanese also influenced with the game around 500-600 A.D, but used to play occasionally. Japanese named the game “kemari“, where participants tend to keep the ball in the air (kicking and passing on the ball) without the use their hands. Similarly, other ancient former of football/soccer game played ball using both foot and hand, with own rule and standard.

Other countries also has similar ball game but used all parts of the body. Game used to be violent and only certain rules like “No murder”, “No manslaughter” and others were originated.As a result, modern football/soccer game along with Rugby, American football, and Irish football have been originated. It took about a thousand years to reach up the modern or present football with proper rules and regulations.

Proper rules and regulation made the game more proper and standardize. Earlier, there were own home rules, this means rules varies according to the place (may be street, colony or country). In 1869 AD the rule that forbid the use of hand was introduced by Football Association (FA). FA, is an association that was found by in 1863 AD by several major public British schools. FA was the one who formulated various rule to standardize football game. Later on, with collaboration, British countries (Scotland, Wales, and Ireland) established a football association around 1872 AD. Likewise, in the history of football more association were established with the motive to formalization/standardization of the football game. International association like, IFAB, FIFA and others got established. Also, associations established according to continent-wise, country-wise, and supervised by international associations.

Football Associations:


In 1886, International Football Association Board (IFBA), an organization of soccer rules was established in England. It is an in-charge of the international rules and laws of soccer. The association initiated the rules like, penalties, free-kicks, and corner kicks. Also, introduced referees to monitor the rules in the game.


Later on, in 1904 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was founded.Well-known as International Federation of Association Football. Establishment motive of the association is to be international governing body of association football, futsal, beach soccer, and e-football. Successfully at present, the association is the chief governing body of football with 211 national association as its member.The association gradually updates the rules and also adds new rules as per the requirement.

Present situation:

Football/soccer is the world’s most popular sport at present. There are many international tournaments and people all over the world are fond of those tournaments (Cups). Some of them are listed below,

  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA European Championship
  • Copa America
  • Copa Libertadores
  • UEFA Europa League
  • FA Cup
  • Confederation Cup

Two opponent team plays the game, where there must be 11 players in each team. Players have got specific position the game. Positions of players are,

  • Goalkeeper
  • Centre-back
  • Sweeper
  • Fullback
  • Wingback
  • Centre-midfielder
  • Defensive midfielder
  • Attacking midfielder
  • Winger
  • Forward
  • Striker

Standard time to conclude the game is 90 minutes. 90 minutes is divided into two half (45-45 minutes). There is provision for extra time for some consequences (like injury time).

Some facts that is considerable in the history of football :

  • 300-200 BC, ball game involving kicking the ball, took place in China. Evidence was taken form a military manual (206 B.C. to 220 A.D.)
  • Diameter of 30-40 cm leather ball filled with hair and leathers was played by the ancestor of football game (Cuju/Ts’u Chu) around 206 B.C. to 220 A.D.
  • Japan followed the “Ts’u Chu” game and called it “Kemari”. Likewise, “Chuk-guk” in Korea and “Woggabaliri” in Australia. The game was followed 500-600 years after the invention of “Ts’u Chu”.
  • In 1992, President Bush had shown his participation in a Kemari session.
  • In Europe football/soccer got popularity around 1314 AD. But got banned in 1365 by King Edward III for almost 500 years. Reason was soldiers was distracted from essential military practices.
  • History of football tells, football/soccer was popular from the 8th century but was not standardized, more violent and was played along undefined number of players.
  • In Britain, the size and weight of the football was standardized in 1863.
  • In 1863, Football Association was formed to standardize the football/soccer game. This association wants to differentiate Rugby and Soccer at the time.
  • The world’s oldest football/soccer competition is the “FA Cup”and is still continuing since 1872. It was founded by C.W. Alcock for the first time. And in Glasgow, opening match between Scotland and England took place. The match became “The First Official International Match”.
  • England is also known for initiating the world’s first football/soccer league. It was founded in 1888 in Birmingham. The league consists 12 clubs from Northern England and Midlands.
  • In 1904 FIFA was founded in Paris with seven founder members, namely, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden,France, Belgium and Switzerland.
  • There was 41 members in 1930. The first World Cup was held in the year.
  • FIFA has more members than the United Nations.
  • In early 1930s, FranceandItaly entrenched women’s leagues.
  • Olympics-1996, in Atlanta begun women’s football/soccer as an Olympic event.
  • In 1991, the first Women’s World Cup was held in China.The event occurred from 16 to 30 November, 1991. At that time,Dr. Hao Joao Havelange was the president of FIFA.
  • S. team won the first Women’s World Cup, with lead of 2-1 against Norway.
  • At present, 176 nation’s women’s team participates in the tournament (Women’s World Cup).
  • Twice the FIFA World Player of the Year, Mia Hamm led the United States to FIFA World Cup titles in 1991 and 1999 and Olympic gold in 1996 and 2004.
  • Mia Hamm is a well-known women football player from United States who led the country to gain FIFAWorld Cup titles “1991” and “1999”. Also, Olympic gold in 1996 and 2004.
  • Beckham is the only English Player to Score in Three World Cups.
  • Brazilian soccer legend Pelé holds the Most World Cup Championship Wins and was nominated as the best soccer player of the 20th century’s.


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