How to play Goal Keeper position in football

Goal Keeper position is also called as keeper or goalie. It is the most special and important position in football. Goal Keeper in football is responsible to stop the goal by catching, diving or directing the ball away from the post. Their is important rules for the keeper that they are able to touch the ball with their hand inside the Di Box are.

Goal Keeper in the match must wear different color jersey from the team member. Goal Keeper also can help to create the chance in game by using a kick off.

Some general technique for Goal Keeper

  1.  Help team to start the game from kick off.
  2. Communicate between defense
  3. Shouldn’t catch the back pass of own player
  4. Shouldn’t touch ball with hand outside the Di Box
  5. Build perfect wall in free kicks
  6. Pick out crosses
  7.  Win 1 vs 1 
  8. Cover the angle to avoid goal
  9. Catch or divide to protect the ball 
  10. Helps in counter attack by quickly releasing the ball

Goal Keeper position is only the must required position in the football. In a match without football it will the open chance to score the goal for opponent team. So in a case keeper get injure or red carded manager must substitute another keeper or one of the player must take over the position. Goal Keeper must be physically flexible so, keeper must train hard.

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